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World Politics Trend and Transformation 2010 to 2011 Edition

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Title: World Politics Trend and Transformation
Author: Charles William Kegley
Edition: 2010 to 2011
Pages: 706
Subject: Current Affairs & International Relations

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The leading text in international relations is getting even better. Thoroughly revised for 2011-2012, WORLD POLITICS: TREND AND TRANSFORMATION presents the most comprehensive coverage of any text. This annual update provides the most recent demographic and statistical information available for the course. Using key concepts from major theoretical traditions to analyze both historical and contemporary developments in international relations, WORLD POLITICS addresses topics such as war, terrorism, human rights, the environment, and international development while emphasizing an institutional approach to resolving international conflict. Authors Charles W. Kegley and Shannon L. Blanton present each issue in a thought-provoking yet accessible way that prepares you to critically assess the problems, payoffs, pitfalls, and paradoxes of people’s collective choices about the global future and the probable impact those choices will have on your life. Understanding twenty-fi rst-century world politics requires accurate and up-to-date information, intellectual analysis, and interpretation.
In a globe undergoing constant and rapid change, it is imperative to accurately describe, explain, and predict the key events and issues unfolding in international affairs. These intellectual tasks must be performed well so that world citizens and policy makers can harness this knowledge and ground their decisions on the most pragmatic approaches to global problems available. Only informed interpretations of world conditions and trend trajectories and cogent explanations of why they exist and how they are unfolding can provide the tools necessary for understanding the world and making it better. By presenting the leading ideas and the latest information available, World Politics: Trend and Transformation provides the tools necessary for understanding world affairs in our present period of history, for anticipating probable developments, and for thinking critically about the potential long-term impact of those developments on countries and individuals across the globe.


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