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To The Point Economics By Saba Asghar Bhutta JWT


Title: To The Point Economics
Author: Saba Asghar Bhutta
Publisher: Jahangir World Times
Pages: 360
ISBN: 9789695737408
Subjects: CSS/PMS Economy



To The Point Economics By Saba Asghar Bhutta. Although it has always been considered a difficult subject but no one can deny its importance. Economics plays a vital role in individual as well as collective lives. Those who are to become future policy makers should have a considerable understanding of Economics. Knowledge of Economics enables a person to get maximum benefit by utilizing limited resources.To The Point Economics By Saba Asghar Bhutta

After the introduction of reformed scheme of optional subjects and alteration in syllabus, the relative importance of Economics as a subject has increased to a great extent. Consequently, I had to re-design the complete book to make it more useful for the aspirants. This edition of book is completely in consonance with the revised syllabus of FPSC. To The Point Economics By Saba Asghar Bhutta

A fruit of my sincere efforts, this book helps in understanding the Economy of Pakistan. It is a great source of information for Interviews as well as for written exams. Many aspirants who have found this book extremely helpful have praised the simple way in which complex Economic concepts have been described. I am overwhelmed by the response of the readers. People having no background knowledge of Economics have been encouraged to take up Economics as an optional subject owing to this book.
In the end, I want to thank all the readers who have appreciated my work. This book is a humble effort towards availability of a single book which covers whole syllabus of Economics in a comprehensive and easy way. I wish all the aspirants of Competitive Exams a bright and beautiful future ahead. To The Point Economics By Saba Asghar Bhutta


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