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The Struggle for Pakistan By I.H Quershi


Title: The Struggle for Pakistan
Author: Ishtique Hussain Qureshi
Pages: 297
Publisher: Karachi University
Subject: CSS/PMS Pakistan Affairs

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THERE are several books which deal with the fateful events leading to the establishment of the sovereign States of India and Pakistan. Most of them have been written by authors who were emotionally unprepared for the partition of the subcontinent. Hence their writings do not portray the attitudes of the Muslims correctly. It is necessary, therefore, to put the record straight. It has not been possible to do full justice to the theme. The Qaidi-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was too busy to keep a char).His private papers are in the custody of his sister, Miss Fatima Jinnah, and are not available to the students of the period. His principal lieutenants and others who were intimately connected with the hectic negotiations leading to the establishment of Pakistan have not left anti memoirs. An attempt was made to interview some persons, but they refused to co-operate for one reason or another. This book is,therefore mainl based on published.


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