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The Spirit of Islam By Syed Ameer Ali


Title: The Spirit of Islam
Author: Syed Ameer Ali
Publisher: A H Publisher
Pages: 515
Subject: Islamic History & Culture

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Since the promulgation of Islam the world has seen great changes ; empires have risen and disappeared ; great lnaitieonsahave been swept away making room for others ; klendogw-e and culture have drifted from the East to the West ; and with knowledge not only power but material prosperity has changed hands. Under the influence of their Prophet, a congeries of warring tribes consolidated into a nation, had for centuries carried aloft the torch of learning for the elin-ghtenment of the world. With the fall of their dominion they ceased to be the preceptors of humanity. The younger nations who succeeded to their heritage continued some of their glory in arms but less in arts and literature. They too declined in power and influence, and now the greatest of them is but a shadow of its former self. And yet as an active, living faith,Islam has lost none of its pristine force nor the magic hold it possesses over its followers. In certain parts of the world it is spreading with greater rapidity than any other creed, and its acceptance among the less advanced races has invariably tended to raise them in the moral scale.


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