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Sociology CSS/PMS By Amal Sajjad JWT


Title: Sociology
Authors: Amal Sajjad & Jawad Tariq
Publisher: Jahangir World Times
Pages: 200
Latest and Revised Edition
Subject: CSS/PMS Sociology
ISBN: 978-969-573-204-5

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A good number of CAS aspirants opt Sociology as an optional subject for its subject matter being helpful in other compulsory as well as optional subjects. However, just a few are able to score above average in this subject because many aspirants are not aware of the guidelines that are required to earn a good score in Sociology. Many books have made their appearance as a guide for the students opting Sociology for the past so many years. All of them have more or less independent value and merit but many lack the important ingredient for good scoring that is Familiarizing the aspirants with the technical jargon of this subject. Like all other social sciences, Sociology too has its own language which basically separates an ordinary writing from a sociological one. The basic goal of this book is to fill that gap. Keeping in view the updated syllabus of CSS 2016, the authors have used their beaching and research experience in the field of Sociology to present concepts that are easy to understand yet contain the sociological terminology. The technical jargon presented in this book will differentiate a layman writing from an expert and consequently will help in yielding more than average marks. Further, a great deal of effort has been exerted on contents tike social theorists, social problems, and sociological investigation. The past papers suggest that these contents make up for a minimum of 65 marks in the Sociology exam. Additionally, the examples presented in the text are in context of Pakistani society which would give students an additional benefit while taking the examination.


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