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Principles of Mahomedan law By D.F Mulla

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Title: Principles of Mahomedan law
Author: D.F Mulla
Pages: 175
Subject: Muslim Law & Jurisprudence

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This work has been manually deigned for the use ‘of students, as a guide to their study of Mahomedan Law. Hence, for a speedy and convenient grasp of its principles?, I have cast them in a series of distinct propositions, systematically” arranged in the order of collective sections, illustrated by decided cases applicable to each section. The language of judgments to be found in the recognized reports so far as practicable, been faithfully reproduced in the statement of each proposition, in order to impart to. it the imprimatur of authoritative law, and where such sources have failed, I have fallen back upon the translations of the Hadiths and the Fatwas. Alumgiri, with such modifications as were necessary or proper for the requirements of modern law. The alliterative cases have likewise been imported,almost all,from the same Reports throughout the work, except in the Chapter on Inheritance. There is a citation of authority for every proposition I have set out ; and no important decisions have been missed, while enactments amending or repealing the ancient rules have been noted in their appropriate place.


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