» » » » Précis Writing [CSS, PMS, PCS] By A B Jasra & NK Joyia

Précis Writing [CSS, PMS, PCS] By A B Jasra & NK Joyia


Title: Précis Writing [CSS, PMS, PCS]
Authors:A B Jasra & NK Joyia
Pages: 158
Edition: Thrid
Subject: CSS English (Precis & Composition)

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To bring out the theme, main idea or meaning of an original document, writing or speech in a concise, clear, simple, coherent and natural way, while preserving the spirit of the original is the first and foremost object of precis writing, While making a precis, the students should read the paragraph carefully, to analyse their reading so that they can make choices as to what constitutes the main ideas of the writing and ultimately translate those ideas into their own words, Precis writing requires’ disciplined writing on the part of students; they must recognise their responsibility to the author to retain the author’s essential meaning and not to interject their own, and they must exercise care in what they choose to eliminate, Since I like to introduce my students to precis writing gradually, I begin simply with a class discussion of a paragraph which lends itself to an exchange of ideas and which is of interest to the students, This book has been structured on this very concept extracted from class experiences, It has been designed to help the students focus first on the general idea that the author wishes to get across and then to proceed to deal specifically with how the author has developed that idea, I am sure, students will find it very effective in grasping the art of precis writing, an essential pre-requisite for success in competitive exams,


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