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Modern South Asia History, Culture and Political Economy By Sugata Bose & Ayesha Jalal


Title: Modern South Asia History, Culture and Political Economy
Authors: Sugata Bose & Ayesha Jalal
Pages: 388
Cover: Hard Cover
Subject: CSS Pakistan Affairs

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The South Asia subcontinent is home to nearly a billion people and has been the site of fierce historical contestation. It is a panoply of languages and religions with a rich and complex history and culture. Drawing on the newest and most sophisticated historical research and scholarship in the field, Modern South Asiais written in an accessible style for all those with an intellectual curiosity about the region. After sketching the pre-modern history of the subcontinent, the book concentrates on the last three centuries from c.1700 to the present. Jointly written by two leading Indian and Pakistani historians, it offers a rare depth of historical understanding of the politics, cultures and economies that shape the lives of more than a fifth of humanity. In this comprehensive study, the authors debate and challenge the strikingdevelopments in contemporary South Asian history and historical writing. The book provides new insights into thestructure and ideology of the British raj, the meaning of subaltern resistance, the refashioning of social relations along lines of caste, class, community and gender, the different strands of anti-colonial nationalism and the dynamics of decolonization. This book is a work of synthesis and interpretation covering the entire spectrum of modern South Asian history — social, economic and political. The authors offer an understanding of the sophisticated historiography of this strategically and economically vital part of the world.


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