» » » » International Relations CSS,PMS,PCS By M. Ikram Rabbani JWT

International Relations CSS,PMS,PCS By M. Ikram Rabbani JWT


Title: International Relations (CSS/PMS)
Author: M. Ikram Rabbani
Publisher: Jahangir World Times
Edition: Revised & Updated
Pages: 552
Subject: International relations

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By the grace of Allah Almighty the, second edition of my book International Relations was consumed rapidly which shows that the book responded to the requirements of the readers/ students. Reciprocating the trust the CSS students have developed in this book, I feel it incumbent on me to make every possible effort I can to make this book better and better for them. The third edition has been revamped in the light of the revised syllabus for CSS. It contains latest data on foreign policy of Pakistan which will be immensely helpful for the CSS candidates preparing to appear in 2017 exam. In addition the title has also been re-designed giving a pretty look to the book. It is hard and dedicated work of Team JBD who have put in their heart and sweat to make the third edition captivating and useful.


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