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International Relations By Parkash Chander Latest 31st Edition


Title: International Relations
Author: Parkash Chander
Pages: 688
Edition: Sixtheen New & Enlarged
Subject: International Relations

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In view of the feat charges taking place in the international arena,  it is of vital importance that a book on International Relations must contain latest facts and trend analysis. In this revised edition of INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, we have tried to incorporate the latest facts and revised several chapters in the light of the current developments. We are sure that the revised edition of this book will be found very useful by the students, teachers and general readers. Our tack of revision of book was rendered easy by the innumerable suggestions received from the esteemed readers. We have fully utilised these suggestions and request the readers to oblige us with their suggestions in Future also. We are grateful to our publishers for bringing out tie revised edition of the book with remarkable speed without compromising on the quality of the production


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