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International Law By S.K Kapoor and L.N Tandon AH Publisher

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Title: International Law
Authors: S.K Kapoor and L.N Tandon
Pages: 752
Publisher: AH Publisher
Subject: International Law

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Change is the law of nature. Everything, except of course the law of change itself, is subject to change. Law being no exception to
this rule is inherently of dynamic character. But the twentieth century has witnessed ever accelerating rhythm of change; the scientific and technological developments have unleashed political, economic, sociai and Cultural forces which are transforming the society in an increasing rate. In view of the unprecedented speed and dynamism that are characteristic of the present age, it is very natural to inquire can law keep pace with Iife?1 This has indeed been a perennial question but it has assumed added significance in the present age due to unprecedented rhythm of change in various fields.


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