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International Law By Dr. H.O Agarwal


Title: International Law
Author: Dr. H.O Agarwal
Pages: 872
Publisher: Eastern Law Book House
Subject: CSS International Law

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A number of developments have taken place in international rdations and international law since the publication of the Second Edition of the book in 1992. The most significant development is the corning into force of the Convention on the Law of the Sea of 1982. on November 16. 1994. The Convention represented the culmination of more than twenty ye-ars of diplomatic efforts to codify the International inw of the se-a. Equally Slgnmeant development that has taken place is the fulfilment of the oojectlves of the Trusteeship Council when the Security Council the agreement with Palau, the last trust territory. on November 10. 1994.

The Trusteeship Council Instead of meeting annually, henceforth W11 meet when occasion requires. The far-reaching and persistent Impact of the end 01 the cold war 011 the functioning of the Security Council led it to take enforcement action under Articles 41 and 42 of the charter on a number of occasions. While the case of Iraq was discussed In the Second edition, the present edition deals with other such action taken against Libya (1992). Yugoslavia (1992), .Cornbodla (1992). Somalia (1992), Liberia (1992). Haiti (I 99al. Angol;) (1993) and Rwanda (1994). Many important events such as the a,greement for Ihe framework for the termination of the Israeli occupation. dcportaiton of PaIest1nJon war ertmes tribunals for Yugoslavia have been discussed at appropriate places,


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