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General Science and Ability By Prof: Muhammad Akram Kashmiri AH Publisher


Title: General Science & Ability
Author: Prof: Muhammad Akram Kashmiri
According to New Syllabus
Pages: 678
Publisher AH Publishers

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The long awaited book on General Science is & Ability is finally In your hands. The highlights of this book are Connected Text. carefully tailored MCQs, relevant short answer questions and Concept Maps for quick revision. This book is equally good for beginners and those who have science background as the narration starts from the grass-root and builds up to the complexity of the topic to meet the requirements of the competitive examinations.

The genesis of the present revision of the curriculum for CSS examination by the FPSC hinges on Concept Based Learning rather than rote memorization by our young graduates coming from various universities. This IS what has been taken care of in writing this book. The contents of this book will not only prepare the candidates for written test but it will also equip them for the interview. The addition of more than one thousand relevant MCQs are thought provoking and it will go a long way to build the confidence of the candidates in everyday science discussions.Material given in the appendices and solved questions papers in J.veryday Science for the previous examinations will act as a supplement for the preparation of examination. Latest few question papers are purposely kept unsolved. to be worked out by the candidates .as a homework. Richly described contributions of a Muslim Scientists given at the end of the book should be taken as a Bonus for the students for preparing different kinds of examinations.

Although there is no end to the tlood of SCientific information coining all around In this world but if the contents of the book arc read thoroughly and to the end. It will act as a capsule for the candidates to handle all sorts of questions In the examination.


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