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Gender Studies By M.Nawaz Khalid JWT

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Title: Gender Studies
Author: M. Nawaz Khalid
Publisher: Jahangir World Times
Pages: 352
ISBN: 978-969-664-005-9
Subject: CSS/PMS Gender Studies

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CSS is not just an examination; rather, it is an attitude,.,and the revised syllabus is a meat leap forward toward its realization. The Federal Public Service Commission while revising the syllabus has regrouped the subjects and enlarged their contents; it has also introduced subjects to include the emerging academic disciplines. Gender Studies is also one such subject, which has first time secured a place in the list of optional subjects, and has attracted astonishingly the largest count of aspirants.Although the Gender Studies is being taught at various universities in the country, yet we cannot find a book on the subject, which could cover contents of the syllabus holistically, and provide updated material at one place. Compilation of this book would not have been possible if I did not consult the multiple resources – eBooks, printed books, blogs, Wikipedia, national and international journals and



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