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Essays for All CSS & PMS By Imtiaz Shahid Advanced


Title: Essays for All
Author: Imtiaz Shahid
Publisher: Advanced Publisher
Pages: 513
Subject: CSS/PMS Essay Writing

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Essays For All has been written for all competitive as well as college examinations in which majority of students are non major fulfilling essay writing requirement. These students need to learn how to reason logically. to understand the nature of cause and effect, become acquainted with fundamental essay writing principles. Essays For All can easily provide the context for this learning, and it has the added advantage of being relevant to many aspects of students’ everyday experiences. In designing the contents of this book we have emphasized the standard curriculum for essay writing that has evolved over the years in Britain and USA.

The sequence of topics is deliberately conventional and easy approachable. Approach in this book has been to provide a balanced level of coverage of the field, so that when any student chooses to emphasize a particular area of his interest Personalities, Islam, Environment or Science for example – a firm foundation is there. Essay writing is a broad field that draw from many component areas. In developing the topical coverage for Essays For All, we have had to made difficult decisions. In producing a book of this reasonable size and length, we do not have the luxury of including topics and concept that are secondary to the book’s main mission.


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