Current Affairs Pakistan March 2017

Afghan Refugees and Pakistan’s Problems By Mohammad Jamil

Before dwelling on the subject, it would be pertinent to identify the causes and genesis of the refugee crisis especially during the last seven decades.

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Pak-China-Russia Nexus ‘Scenario-Changer’ For S Asia

Terming CPEC a ‘scenario-changer’ for South Asia rather than being just a ‘game-changer’, Chinese experts on the region inferred emerging nexus between Pakistan, China and Russia to be a defining development for the region’s flourishingfuture.

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A sensible step by India | Editorial

INDIA’S decision to attend the Indus Waters Commission meeting, scheduled to be held in this country later this month, is a wise step. The nearly six-decade-old Indus Waters Treaty has proved to be a remarkably durable document, having survived fully fledged wars, bilateral exchanges of verbal vitriol and periods of uneasy peace between Pakistan and India.

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‘Pakistan, India, China, US Part of South Asia’s N-Puzzle’ By Anwar Iqbal

Pakistan’s security threat comes from India, which has moved to a new strategy of conducting surgical strikes inside Pakistan, says a new study which also warns that despite nuclearisation, the possibility of another war in the region cannot be ruled out.

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Pak-Russia Defence Ties | Editorial

AS new alignments are taking shape in the world, Pakistan and Russia while forgetting bitterness of cold war era have also embarked upon a journey to develop relations on a strong footing.

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