Current Affairs Economy April 2017

A Deepening Crisis By Khalid Bhatti

President Trump’s electoral victory in the US on the economic agenda of protectionism and nationalism, Brexit and the rising tide of extreme right-wing, populist, nationalist, anti-EU forces in Europe coupled with the continued economic crisis in most of the emerging markets has not only posed a threat to political stability but has also affected the world economy.”

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Is Pakistan’s Debt Really a Problem? By Dr Kamal Monnoo

Fiscal Responsibility and Debt Limitation Act of 2005’calls for 60%, which was amended last year through a ‘Finance Act’ and the new deadline for achieving this level has now been reset to June 2018! ”

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The IMF and Pakistan By Anjum Ibrahim

Criticism against the handling of the three-year 6.64 billion dollar Extended Fund Facility (EFF), completed in September last year, has been sustained by the country's independent economists. ”

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‘Protectionism Damaging Global Economy’

The Group of 20 major economies (G20) sent a united message on Friday on the threat that rising protectionism poses to the global economy, an apparent return to a long-time stance called into question by the United States (US).”

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Of Pakistan’s Strategic Position And Progressing Economy By Syed Hamza Saleem Gilani

Pakistan’s geostrategic location is a major attraction for developed economies to invest in for lucrative returns. The country is strategically located in the crossroads of Asia with China as its neighbour in the north, India in the east, and Iran and Afghanistan in the west. ”

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Global Economy: Spring Breaks Through A Political Storm By Shawn Donnan, Gemma Tetlow and Sam Fleming

Brexit and Donald Trump were supposed to bring doom, gloom and trade wars to the global economy, if not famine and populism-fuelled pestilence. But time heals many a prediction. And so instead this week’s spring meetings of the world’s finance chiefs in Washington have been brimming with an optimism worthy of the season.”

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Pakistan Poised For Economic Success By Malik Muhammad Ashraf

The World Bank in its South Asia Economic Focus Report for 2017 has projected 5.25 % GDP growth rate in Pakistan. In early February Fitch Ratings, a global agency which monitors the performance of economies around the world with a view to assess their growth potential and the future prospects”

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Challenges to CPEC By Dr Zafar N Jaspal

SINCE April 2015, China and Pakistan have been endeavouring to complete their joint China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. The project is imperative for both states sustainable economic growth. ”

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Risks to Growth | Editorial

THE World Bank has served up another reminder that Pakistan’s economy is on a growth path, reserves are high, inflation is “on target”, and all other indicators are improving, but risks from the fiscal and external side remain a source of concern.”

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Why Pakistan's Trade Policy is Suffering By Khurram Husain

THE new secretary commerce has assumed charge at a very difficult time it seems. Only days after his appointment, data shows that Pakistan’s trade deficit widened to a record high of $23.385 billion for the first nine months of the fiscal year. ”

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CPEC: Destiny Changer By Athar Z Abbasi

The Chinese have toiled a lot to develop their economy and now it is the time for China to dispense the fruits of its development in other regions. China’s One Belt One Road vision is one of the cornerstones of Chinese international trade policy and it has started implementing it. ”

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What Is Wrong With Pakistan’s Economy? By Naveed Iftikhar

What’s wrong with Pakistan’s economy? An economist, most likely, will reply by pointing to macroeconomic indicators such as slow GDP growth, lower investment, higher fiscal deficit, a troubling balance of payment, lower tax collection, weak export competitiveness and higher public debt.”

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The Future of UK-Pakistan Trade By Belinda Lewis

This year the UK and Pakistan celebrate 70 years of friendship between our two countries. Whilst reflecting on the deep and enduring partnership that we have forged, it’s also an opportunity to look ahead to our shared future.”

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Pakistan’s Dysfunctional Tax System — Who Will Fix it? By Obed Pasha

During Fiscal Year 2016, Pakistan celebrated a tax collection of over $31 billion. Not only did the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) surpass its own target, but also managed to increase revenue collection by $7 billion when compared to previous year’s figure.

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CPEC & Pak-China Military Cooperation By Saima Ali

THE $46b mega project CPEC is a flagship project of Chinese broader vision of One Belt, One Road (OBOR). It has been rightly termed as “Economic Game and Fate Changer”. CPEC will not only bring prosperity to Pakistan and China but also benefit the region at large.

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