Current Affairs World August 2016

West and the Muslim world By Shahid Javed Burki

Religion is one, but not the only reason, why the Muslim world is so unsettled at this time. Demography, the quality of governance, memory of past Western involvement in the Middle East and Central Asia are as important, perhaps even more important than religion.

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US-India Defence Pact to Impact Pakistan, China By Anwar Iqbal

The United States and India on Monday signed a defence agreement that will have a direct impact on both Pakistan and China.

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Is ISIS in South Asia? By Abdul Basit

With the advent of the so-called Islamic State (IS) in 2014, the opinions and analyses of policymakers and the strategic community in South Asia remain divided on whether the terrorist group constitutes a threat to the region or not.

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Putin Doubles Down In Syria – Analysis By Stephen Blank

A year ago, President Obama opined that Russian intervention in Syria would turn into a quagmire. One year later, however, Russia is expanding and consolidating its positions and goals in Syria.

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Trump: America’s Asset or a Global Liability? By Mohammad Ahmad

The US is a powerful nation, and despite its multi-ethnic and multi-religion inhabitants, over time it has evolved into a country with a sufficiently cohesive populace that drives the Union with positivity.

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India: Desperate For NSG By Muhammad Umar

India is so desperate for Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) membership that it seems nothing else matters, including its economic and social development.

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Bad Time For US Democracy By Sabina Khan

Judged alongside the post-coup purge within Turkey, Brexit and the burqini ban, a Trump presidency doesn’t seem completely outlandish. As it is commonly accepted, an informed electorate is the prerequisite for democracy.

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End The Syrian War | Editorial

First Russian involvement changed the fortunes of the Syrian civil war to a large extent. Then first some, and later much, of the world began a sort of decoupling with the Gulf regimes, especially Saudi Arabia, and moved closer to Iran.

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Is Russia Preparing for Nuclear War

In yet another troubling sign for America’s tense relations with Russia, US intelligence officials say Putin has begun construction on new nuclear-proof underground bunkers.

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Thrust of the Third World War By Jalees Hazir

Terrorists targeted Quetta a day before President Putin and President Erdogan met in St Petersburg this Tuesday, sealing the fate of US designs on Syria.

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The Myth of Geopolitical Importance By Abdul Majeed Abid

This misery is compounded by the assertion made by textbook writers, journalists, certain writers and politicians, that Pakistan is somehow a uniquely blessed country with more ‘potential’ than the rest of world combined.

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Regional Ties Suffer Due to Indian Policy By Ali Ashraf Khan

THE Americans and the world are dreading US Presidential candidate Donald Trump and the possibility that he could be elected in the forthcoming US elections. But even worse India’s Donald Trump is already ruling.

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US Pivot-to-Asia Strategy Takes Dangerous Turn By Sultan M Hali

Barrack Obama’s “pivot-to-Asia”, a major policy shift first outlined in 2011, was structured at rebalancing Asia. The question is: rebalancing in whose favor? It is obvious that the US is apprehensive of the rise of China.

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West Won’t go to War Over Syria By Robert Fisk

As armed rebels – “terrorists” in the eyes of the Syrian government – tighten their grip on the country, at one stage holding 60 percent of the land, government troops hit back, seizing control of the main roads and laying siege to major towns.

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Iran President Says US Wasted Nuclear Deal Opportunity

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said Tuesday the United States had wasted the opportunity presented by the nuclear accord and prevented the two countries from working more closely on regional issues.

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A Tale of two Conventions | Editorial

Making the longest acceptance speech for 40 years Donald Trump was accepted by the American Republican Party for election to the office of the next President of the United States last week.

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Future of American Politics By Farrukh Khan Pitafi

Hillary Clinton made history last week by becoming any major American party’s first female nominee for the post of president. To think that America the torch bearer of Western values and women’s emancipation never even saw a serious bid to elect a woman as president is mind numbing.

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