Current Affairs Pakistan September 2016

The Pakistan-India Water Threat | Editorial

Tensions between Pakistan and India are at a simmer after a deadly terrorist attack in Uri in the Indian-held Kashmir; 18 Indian soldiers died. New Delhi blamed this attack on Pakistan and started looking for ways and means to hurt Pakistan.

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Pak-Russia ‘Friendship 2016’ By Dr Qaisar Rashid

Holding a joint military exercise is a single major achievement of both Pakistan and Russia. In the past, it was impossible to imagine the Russian army landing on the land of Pakistan.

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Achieving Gender Equality By Muhammad Shahid Rafique

Gender equality is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by 2030. Earlier, Pakistan ratified the Convention on the Elimination of all the forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in 1996.

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Navigating A Dangerous Relationship By Talat Masood

Tensions between India and Pakistan have taken a turn for the worse after the attack on the army base in Uri in India-held Kashmir. The Indians without any solid evidence have branded Pakistan military and the ISI as accomplices.

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Analysis: Pak-Russia Drill Signals Strategic Shift By Tahir Khan

When chief military spokesman Lt-Gen Asim Bajwa tweeted the arrival of Russian troops in Rawalpindi on Friday for the first-ever military exercise between the two Cold War era foes

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Kashmir: Some Important Facts By Prof. Khursheed Ahmad

The freedom movement of Kashmir has entered a new stage especially after the martyrdom of Burhan Vani. Consequently the scholars, the institutions of policy making and international think tanks have stressed on efforts to seek a solution through negotiations.

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Nuclear Hypocrisy | Editorial

It should be obvious that the fates of the Pakistani and Indian nuclear programmes are tied together – as was witnessed in the recent meeting of the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

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Pivotal Pak Strategic Surge via C Asia By S Qamar Afzal Rizvi

Consequent upon becoming a pivotal member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation(SCO), Pakistan justifiably seeks its surge towards the Central Asian region.

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Pakistan Won’t Limit Nuclear Programme Unilaterally: Envoy

Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi has said that Pakistan cannot limit its nuclear programme unilaterally.

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Flashpoint Kashmir and UN Efforts | Editorial

With the atmosphere getting extremely tense following a militant assault on Indian army headquarters in the Kashmiri town of Uri, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has made a passionate pitch to world leaders to help extinguish the flames in the disputed territory of Kashmir.

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Needed: A Foreign Policy By Wajid Shamsul Hasan

Obviously the sound basis of a dynamic foreign policy can only be engineered by pragmatism, self interest of the nation and not individual whims.

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Pakistan Warming By Fahad Malik

AMIDST all the turmoil, climate change is rapidly surfacing as an issue that eclipses all others in terms of its severity and sheer scale of impact. As part of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to reduce global warming.

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Rebuilding Relations With Afghanistan By Talat Masood

In these uncertain circumstances, Pakistan has taken the right step of strengthening border management. After all as a sovereign country it has to protect its interest.

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The Sundry Sides of Af-Pak-India Conundrum By Shah Nawaz Mohal

‘62 days of continued atrocities by the Indian occupation forces in IOK, with impunity due to international apathy, remains a matter of anguish and deep concern,’ is the line that our very dear Mr Nafees Zakaria, spokesperson foreign office, started his ‘opening remarks’ with at the weekly press briefing last week.

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Pakistan’s Large Stunted Population By Shahid Javed Burki

Pakistan has not managed well its well-endowed sector of agriculture. At one time, the areas that now make up Pakistan produced enough food grains surplus to their needs to feed the entire eastern part of British India.

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The Myth of Our Isolation By Hina Pervez Butt

A trick question: can any one point out at a time in our history when it was generally assumed that our foreign policy was going where it ought to? Perhaps the answer to this question is no, but that is the not the point here.

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Strengthening Pak-Russia Ties Hint At Policy Shift Across South Asia By Shamshad Mangat

New alliances are being developed rapidly to maintain the balance of power in South Asia and the relations between Pakistan and Russia seem to be getting stronger and both the countries are going to hold their first ever military exercise called "Friendship 2016" in December.

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Rebuilding Goodwill With the US | Editorial

On at least one front, Pakistan’s diplomatic ties with an important international ally are beginning to improve. In recent months, Pakistan has been embroiled in a tussle with India due to the increased use of violent force in Kashmir.

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Nuclear Muscle Flexing By M A Niazi

One of the issues that Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif plans to take to the United Nations General Assembly, which he will address later this month, is that of nuclear relations with India. These have come into focus for two reasons.

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Pakistan, India and Kashmir | Editorial

Indian government’s refusal to accept the offer of United Nations high commissioner for human rights Sheikh Zeid Raadal-Hussein for a UN human rights fact finding mission in India-occupied Jammu and Kashmir

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India on the Wrong Side of History By K. Iqbal

“Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan Gautam Bombawale was quite a normal person when he arrived in Pakistan. He was assigned to Pakistan in the wake of India’s false flag operation—attack on IAF station Pathankot—to malign Pakistan and runaway from Foreign Secretary level talks.

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Our Antiquated Systems By Naeem Sadiq

“It is extremely frustrating for me to see a country and people that are so capable and intelligent, not making more progress than they should in terms of poverty reduction, inequality, modernising the state, and functioning institutions.

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The NSG & Pakistan’s Membership Bid By Senator Sehar Kamran

Pakistan has recently applied for the membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). Much has been written on the subject, but as is always the case with matters of such complexity, much more remains unsaid.

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US-Pakistan Partnership By John Groarke

This autumn marks one year since I arrived in Pakistan. These 12 months have shown me the tremendous potential of this country and its citizens.

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Recalling the Indus Water Treaty By Engr Mushtaq Ahmed

In a single-basin-country like Pakistan, life would be impossible even to contemplate without the Indus and its tributaries and their life giving waters. Soon after its creation in August 1947.

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Relations With US and India | Editorial

Pakistan’s relations with the US which have gone through several ups and downs have taken another dip. Accusing Pakistan of failing to take action against the Haqqani network and bring Afghan Taliban to the negotiating table, US administration has refused to supply F-16s and reduced security assistance by 73 pc.

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Pakistan Developing Maritime Doctrine

Pakistan is developing its maritime doctrine in response to ‘disturbing developments’ in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) to protect its maritime interests and respond to conventional and sub-conventional threats emerging there.

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The Struggle For Kashmir By Prof. Khursheed Ahmad

8th July 2016 has become a milestone in the history of the freedom movement of Kashmir. The martyrdom of 21 years old Burhan Vani and his companions has taken this movement into a new and decisive period. I think it is a historical turn.

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Reorienting Pak-US Ties By Ishrat Husain

THE US has recently decided to cut both military and economic aid to Pakistan sharply, which is a welcome move for both countries. The US has domestic political imperatives and its foreign policy priorities are changing.

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The Impending Water Crisis By Siraj Shawa

Pakistan is heading towards a momentous and great exigency: the water crisis. Everyone — government, intelligentsia, eggheads, public — are apprised of the forthcoming challenges pertaining to water scarceness, but still they have turned a blind eye towards it.

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Analysing IS in Pak-Afghan Region By Faisal Raja

On April 18, 2015, while General Sher Mohammad Karimi, Afghan Chief of General Staff, was presiding over the 132nd passing-out parade at the Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul, the Islamic State (IS) field operators were carrying out its first deadly attack on Afghan soil in Jalalabad.

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Pakistan After US-India Talks | Editorial

US support of Indian concerns of cross-border terrorism and its reiteration to Pakistan to “do more” with regard to terrorists using Pakistani soil to perpetrate attacks abroad raised quite a few alarm bells in Islamabad.

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Tolerating Extremism | Editorial

Of the 20 points that made up the seminal National Action Plan, at least two are more honoured in the breach than in the observance. One calls for throttling terror financing and the other forbids functioning of banned outfits under different names.

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