Current Affairs Pakistan October 2016

Revitalising CSS Performance By Aisha Ghumman

“THE first competitive examination under the newly revised Central Superior Services (CSS) subject syllabi was held earlier this year. Out of 9,643 candidates who appeared in the competitive exam, only 202 candidates passed the written exam.

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India’s Growing N-Arsenal Threat to Regional Peace: FO

“As the escalating war of words between Pakistan and India translated into daily skirmishes at the border, Islamabad on Friday raised the nuclear spectre by expressing concerns over India’s fast growing military nuclear programme.

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Eradicating Poverty By Muhammad Shahid Rafique

“" Poverty affects human beings in a variety of ways and is a stumbling block for those badly trapped in it to lead a normal and productive life.

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Pak-India Tensions | Editorial

“A FRESH set of crises has caused Pakistan-India relations — in the doldrums after last month’s Uri attack — to plunge to even lower depths. On Thursday, India decided to expel a staffer of the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi for “espionage activities” after the individual had been detained by the Indian law-enforcement authorities.

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The Bitter Truth By Syed Saadat

“RECENTLY, the CSS written examination results were announced — apparently, only a dismal two per cent had passed. The poor result triggered many discussions across various media about the dwindling standard of education in the country.

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Gender Gap Index Puts Pakistan in Second-Last Place By Mubarak Zeb Khan

“Pakistan has been ranked the second-worst country in the world for gender inequality for the second consecutive year.

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Pak-Afghan Relations and Reprisals By Imtiaz Gul

“Gradual squeeze” is the new phrase Pakistani officials are invoking when responding to questions on what they are doing to blunt the Taliban ability to plan and organise operations inside Afghanistan.

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Pak-US Ties | Editorial

For all the bluster and occasional ill winds that threaten to affect Pakistan’s relationship with the US, it appears that there is no cause for concern about this mutually beneficial friendship going sour any time soon.

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A Robust Defence | Editorial

The British government in response to a petition signed by almost 20,000 people has issued a defence of Pakistan’s record in combating terrorism.

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Pak-China Strategic Partnership By Muhammad Hanif

PAKISTAN-China relations are deeply rooted, strong, time tested and ever growing. Pakistan established its relations with China in 1950 when it recognized the Peoples Republic of China and the relationship has come a long way.

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The Myth of Pakistan’s Isolation By Ahmed Bilal

In the lives of nations, there is no friend, nor any enemy; it’s just a need or necessity. If someone is dependent on another, he would go to any limit to have the need fulfilled and for this he would have to pay the price in terms of compromise in other matters.

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Factors in Pakistan-India Tensions By Iftikhar Ahmad

In 1947, India and Pakistan, as one country, together struggled for independence from the British rile. In 2016, the two countries should respect each other and value each other’s independence.

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Civil-Military Relations By Dr Hasan Askari Rizvi

Smooth civil-military relations hold the key to political stability and an efficacious management of external and internal security in Pakistan.

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Security Situation in Pakistan: Challenges Ahead By Manzoor A Naazer

THE security situation has improved in Pakistan in the last three years but it is prone to deterioration in the near future. There are several factors that contributed to its improvement and numerous causes can lead to its corrosion.

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India violates Nuclear Deterrence By Sajjad Shaukat

BY availing the opportunity of the terror attack at a military base in Uri, India has deliberately been creaking war-like situation against Pakistan. Besides creating war-hysteria, Indian forces continue shelling at the Line of Control (LoC) in Pakistani side of Kashmir.

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The Catastrophic CSS Results By Dr Fawad Kaiser

In 2016, 9,643 candidates sat for the written test of the Central Superior Services (CSS). Sadly however, only 202 or 2.09 percent qualified, and the rest failed the test. This is the lowest percentage of successful students since 2011.

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Pakistan’s Past Relations With the US By Shahid Javed Burki

Pakistan’s relations with the US have deteriorated significantly in the final years of the Barack Obama presidency. He feels that foot-dragging by Pakistan has not helped him to deliver on his ambition: to withdraw from the wars initiated by George W Bush.

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What next on the NSG? By Ali Sarwar Naqvi

The issue of the membership of non-NPT signatory states in the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group has been hanging fire since the last annual plenary of the cartel in Seoul in June this year.

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Water Woes By Azal Zahir

The current banter over the Indus Water Treaty, stressing Indo-Pak relations has presented itself as a major reality check. It has been renowned as a largely successful treaty in the international arena, even at times of war.

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Demise of SAARC? By Javid Husain

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s refusal to attend the SAARC summit, which was to be held in Islamabad from 9-10 November, has given a severe, possibly a fatal blow, to the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.

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Pakistan, Kashmir, and the world | Editorial

For a world that has generally shown apathy towards the plight of Kashmiris, the recent uprising was a change from that norm, even if a very little one, as there was some attention given to it by a few foreign media houses.

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Reshaping The Foreign Policy By Muhammad Ali Baig

FOREIGN policy can be defined as the resistance offered by a state to the pressure coming from the international system. An efficient and pragmatic foreign policy of a state is the definitive bludgeon to secure international objectives and policy goals.

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Foreign Policy Woes | Editorial

THIS much appears to be a consensus among the country’s political leadership: serious and peace-minded diplomacy needs to be put front and centre of the country’s foreign policy.

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The Indus Waters Treaty By Hussain H Zaidi

Amid the nosedive in Islamabad-New Delhi relations in the wake of the Uri attack, apprehensions are rife that India may terminate the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) to penalise Pakistan.

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US Confident About Pakistan’s Nuclear Security

The United States has expressed faith in Pakistan’s nuclear security, saying that its confident the country has all necessary controls in place.

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The Real Challenge is Poverty | Editorial

AMIDST the clamour of war this past week, the leadership of India and Pakistan at least managed to point in the right direction when talking about the challenges their countries face.

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Pakistan’s Nuclear Responsibility | Editorial

While the Marshallese accusations against Britain, India and Pakistan for “not doing enough to halt a nuclear arms race” were rejected on Wednesday by the United Nations court

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Improving Pak-Afghan Relations | Editorial

For two neighbours like Pakistan and Afghanistan with such similar problems, there is no other option than to strive to maintain good working relations.

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Bilateral Dialogue — An Option | Editorial

Despite the tough stance currently on display by Pakistan and India, the establishment in both countries realises that war would be nothing more than a folly.

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SAARC And The New Hegemonic Power in South Asia By Hassam Waheed

South Asia has been known to the world for two reasons: rapid population growth and the Kashmir dispute. These two problems have always affected the region’s economic and social standards of living.

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Pakistan-India: The Imperative of Peace | Editorial

In what has been an ambivalent set of claims and counter claims, Pakistan and India have locked horns over the veracity of the ‘surgical’ strikes that India claims to have supposedly conducted in Pakistan.

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Rethinking The Nuclear Option By Rizwan Asghar

Let there be no doubt that more than 1.5 billion peoples of South Asia are facing the threat of nuclear annihilation, and the military establishment of both Pakistan and India are doing everything in their power to further exacerbate the threat.

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