Current Affairs Pakistan November 2016

Pakistan-India Talks | Editorial

Pakistan High Commissioner in New Delhi, Abdul Basit has expressed Pakistan’s willingness to hold dialogue with India on the sidelines of the Heart of Asia conference scheduled to be held next week in Amritsar, India.

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The New Army Chief | Editorial

The wait was long and the candidates all deserving. Finally it is official: PM Nawaz Sharif has appointed Lt Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa as the new Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) while elevating Lt General Zubair Hayat as the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee.

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India’s Dangerous Politics of Water | Editorial

IT has been discussed in fringe and jingoistic circles for years, but since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi threatened to use water as a weapon against Pakistan, India’s rights under the Indus Waters Treaty has become a mainstream topic in India

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Restarting the Pak-Afghan Relationship | Editorial

After a prolonged period of less than cordial relations and a refusal to come to the talking table, it seems better sense has prevailed on both sides.

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CSS Reform and Vision 2025 By Aisha Ghumman

UNDP’s latest Development Advocate Pakistan report comes at the same time as the launch of its collaboration with the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms to design a comprehensive reform agenda on overhauling the Central Superior Services.

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Crippling Energy Crisis | Editorial

In the wake of energy crisis, the government is all set to face another challenge to maintain the supply of electricity during winter when power generation by hydropower units will be reduced drastically due to closure of canals.

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Pak-Turkey: New Chapter of Bilateral Ties By Aymen Ijaz

THE recent two-day official visit of President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Pakistan would open a new chapter of friendship in Pakistan-Turkey relations.

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Trouble on the LoC By Editorial

India transgressions rise by the day – as part of India’s continuing campaign to distract attention from its Kashmir occupation by stirring up tensions along the Line of Control.

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NSG, India, And Pakistan By Malik Muhammad Ashraf

Notwithstanding the efforts of the US and its western allies to have India admitted to the prestigious international nuclear club, the NSG, the latter was not given the nod by the plenary session of the group held in Vienna, last week.

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Discussing the 98 Per cent Failure in the CSS Exams By Mohammad Ali Babakhel

The recent 98 per cent failure of the candidates in the written part of the competitive examination (CE) is deplorable — but is it the failure of the candidates or could it be attributed to other factors?

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Foreign Policy Challenges | Editorial

The exchange of cross border firing between Pakistan and India became vicious on Wednesday after the reported mutilation of an Indian soldier’s body a day earlier. Indian Northern Command vowed revenge, promising heavy retribution.

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Terrorism in Pakistan: Root Causes By Amanullah Khan

EVERY terrorist incident in Pakistan strengthens my belief that root cause of terrorism in the country is external. The father of the nation, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, truly said that no power on earth can undo Pakistan, however, he did not say that no power can hurt Pakistan.

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Pak-India Tensions | Editorial

Is it brinkmanship or something more? With the decade-old ceasefire along the LoC already in tatters, India appears determined to find new avenues of provocation against Pakistan.

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Way Ahead For US-Pak Relations By Shahid M Amin

WITH Donald Trump having been elected as the new US-President, which way US-Pakistan relations are heading? He said some nasty things against the Muslims during the Presidential campaign.

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Time to take the Water Issue Seriously By Falak Sher Khan

According to experts, water accessibility will decrease by 2020. Even when summaries or feasibilities are made to build new reservoir or dams, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are going to add any new natural water sources.

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Poverty Dropping | Editorial

Ask the average person in the street if they felt that the level of poverty in Pakistan had decreased and the answer is likely to be a somewhat puzzled ‘No’.

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Pak-Turk Relations | Editorial

The friendship between Pakistan and Turkey is time tested and indispensable. Pakistan needs to grab this opportunity and try to establish good relations with Turkey.

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Moving towards peace | Editorial

Adviser to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz could not have chosen a more appropriate time to announce his plans to attend a security conference scheduled to be held in December in India.

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From ‘Cold Peace’ to ‘Hot Peace’ | Editorial

It is extremely difficult to know what India hopes to gain by the latest outbreak of firing across the Line of Control in the Bhimber sector that killed seven Pakistani soldiers.

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The Energy Crisis: No End in Sight | Editorial

Reportedly, zero load-shedding across the country until 2018 is not possible due to inherent flaws in the system. The present power transmission and distribution system can bear the load of only 16,000 MW.

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‘NSG Membership Must For Recognition, Access To Nuclear Technology’

Membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is imperative for Pakistan’s recognition as a responsible nuclear state and access to sophisticated nuclear technology.

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Trump Victory May Not Harm Pak-US ties: US Experts By Waseem Abbasi

Victory of Donald Trump in US elections may not immediately harm Pakistan-America relations but the new President is expected to be tough on issues like terrorism and detained CIA spy Shakil Afridi which could strain already volatile bilateral ties, experts in US believe.

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Pak-India Diplomatic Row Deepens By Shafqat Ali And Roshan Mughal

The diplomatic row between Pakistan and India intensified as three Indian diplomats left Pakistan on Tuesday while another five were set to leave the country soon.

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Pakistan Warns India Against Breach of Water Treaty By Zafar Bhutta

Islamabad has warned New Delhi that Pakistan will respond with full force if India shows open aggression by breaching the World Bank-sponsored Indus Waters Treaty (IWT).

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The Way Out: Solution to Civil Service Conundrum Lies Within By Riazul Haq

An important document of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) offers remedy to a plethora of serious issues plaguing it from an alarming drop in successful candidates to increase in vacant posts coupled with flawed policies of bureaucracy amid political intervention.

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A Judicial Salvation By Zafar Aziz Chaudary

The evolution of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has always been regarded as a good augury for our country. From a struggling novice in politics a few years ago, Khan has proved himself as a galvanised crowd-puller, a game-changer and a potential threat to the existing political monolithic personalities.

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What Impact Will US Elections Have on Pakistan?

Though the Republican Party nominee for the Oval Office, Donald Trump, is considered a great threat to the world, in terms of Pakistan’s concerns, no major policy shift is being expected as the United States has a strong institutional system, which cannot be influenced easily.

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Ongoing Effects of Kashmir Issue | Editorial

After the dead have been buried and bullet holes plastered over, those left behind in a region ravaged by war are left to start their lives anew.

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Climate change and Pakistan By Siraj Shawa

Pakistan is ranked eighth on the list of countries most vulnerable to climate change according to the Germanwatch Global Climate Risk Index.

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Pakistan and the Revenge of Geography By Dr Qaisar Rashid

Geography is still the final determinant of a country’s success is the central theme of the book, The revenge of geography: What the map tells us about coming conflicts and the battle against fate, written by Robert D Kaplan, and published in 2013 by Random House.

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Tackling Abject Poverty By M Ziauddin

Nobody talks of 'trickle down' any more. They now talk of 'inclusive growth'. In its post-1980 prescription all that Washington Consensus (WC)needed you to do was to get your economies to grow fast enough and the 'trickle down' effect.

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EU Says Working to Defuse Indo-Pak Tensions

European Union Ambassador Jean Francois Cautain said on Tuesday that the 28-nation bloc is working to defuse ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan.

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