Current Affairs Pakistan May 2016

Society and Public Administration | Iftikhar Ahmad

What Pakistan needs is an objective evaluation of current socio-political and economic scenario. Street politics and protests are not likely to solve the complexity of problems that have constitutional, legal and leadership implications. "

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No Sidelining the Kashmir Issue | K. Iqbal

Whenever Pakistan engages or tries to engage with the leaders of Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOK), it sends shivers down the spine of Indian rulers. However, due to immense international pressure, it is not possible for India to block such contacts. "

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The Pakistan Factor | Abdul Basit

US-Pakistan relations, which had relatively stabilised in the last three years are once again in hot water. There is a sense of déjà vu in Islamabad, as the US Congress has blocked the move of the Obama administration to sell eight F-16 fighter planes to Pakistan at subsidised rates. "

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New Security Architecture: Is Asia Uniting? | Masood Khan

THE Asian continent is diverse but its countries have many similarities. Most of the Asian countries till the middle of the last century had been subjected to colonial rule, foreign occupation and alien domination. "

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Pakistan’s Water Worries | Shahid Javed Burki

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been quoted in the press saying that by 2018, Pakistan would have enough electricity generating capacity to dispense with power outages. He is probably right. This would be the consequence of the attention his government has given to increase the supply of electric power."

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US Elections not to Affect Pak-US Relations: Harkenrider

US Consul General to Lahore Zachary Harkenrider has said that Pak-US relations would remain important for the US government irrespective of the fact Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton is elected the next US president in November 2016 elections."

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Keep Nuclear Deterrence In Any Case | Editorial

ADDRESSING a seminar on nuclear non-proliferation in Islamabad on Tuesday, Advisor on Foreign Affairs touched upon key security issues that agitate minds of people these days in the wake of growing but undue pressure by the United States. "

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Int’l Law Endorses Pak Stand on Kashmir | S Qamar Afzal Rizvi

PAKISTAN upholds the right of the people of Jammu and Kashmir to self-determination in accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. These resolutions of 1948 and 1949 provide for the holding of a free and impartial plebiscite for the determination."

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For Women’s Empowerment | I.A. Rehman

AS a welcome change, this year’s May Day celebrations, demonstrations and debates gave considerable space not only to the challenges faced by women workers but also to the bitter struggle the women of this country ."

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Energy-Starved Pakistan | Engr Mushtaq Ahmed

A hydrocarbon is a chemical made up of hydrogen and carbon and fossil oil and natural gas are rich in hydrocarbons. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, UAE, Iraq, Libya, Kuwait, Algeria, are rich economies of the world for no other reason but that they enjoy a huge windfall."

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Why Oceans are Important | Commander Sohail Ahmad Azmie

Imagine a world without oceans – it’s like a body without heart – empty, hollow and passionless! The world’s history, heritage, cultural diversity and human evolution are tightly linked to the oceans."

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Welcoming President Putin to Pakistan | Jalees Hazir

The Russian mission in Islamabad had already indicated that performing the inauguration of the $2 billion North-South gas pipeline project was ‘not enough substance’ for the trip."

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What the US Stance on F-16s Means for Pakistan | Muhammad Ali Ehsan

The US Congress has decided “not to subsidise the sale of eight F-16s to Pakistan“. This has been done to ensure that Pakistan does not allow militants to use its territory to carry out attacks inside Afghanistan. As reported by US magazine."

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Pakistan’s Multiple Woes | Talat Masood

The impediments that Pakistan is facing in the procurement of a meagreeight F-16 fighter aircraft are a sad reflection of the current state of Pakistan-US relations. For Pakistan, in the 1980s, the F-16 symbolised its strong alliance with the US and the West."

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A complete encirclement Of Pakistan? by the Indo-Afghan alliance?? | Imtiaz Gul

Pakistan’s encirclement by the Indo-Afghan alliance is nearly complete. The Afghan Army Chief General Qadam Shah Shaheem said on April 30 that if other options don’t yield any positive results in bringing Pakistani incursions to a halt."

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Foreign Policy Stumbles | Editorial

The year 2015 was marked by perceptible shifts in foreign policy that were indicative of a state moving into youthful maturity. There was a swing away from the states in the Gulf region and on the Arabian Peninsula which have dominated the foreign policy landscape for decades."

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Pak-India no war Pact Revealed

– India’s former External Affairs secretary Maharaja Krishna (MR) Rasgotrarevealed that Pakistan and India had agreed on a peace and no-war treaty and were on the verge of signing it in July 1984 before President Zia-ul-Haq."

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Pakistan Against the Climatic Crises | Editorial

Last year, Paris made headlines around the world for two reasons: the devastating terror attack on its civilians, which claimed 130 lives and left hundreds wounded; and the success of its climate conference in draughting a first-ever universal agreement on climate change. "

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US Think Tanks and the Af-Pak Policy | Dr Mohammad Taqi

A recent report in the Times of India (TOI) titled “ISI has infiltrated US think tanks, Pak scholar says” has opened an interesting debate about the Pakistani intelligence agency ostensibly leveraging the United States think tanks’ clout to further its agenda. "

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