Current Affairs Pakistan June 2016

Issues of over-development By Noman Ahmed

URBANISATION in Pakistan has been moving at a swift pace, albeit in a rudderless fashion. The Planning Commission estimates that half of our population shall be living in cities by 2030. "

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Pakistan’s Equities in the US Have Shrunk By Michael Krepon

There are no more illusions in US- Pakistan relations. Pakistan feels bitter about Washington’s embrace of India and the blowback from US counterterrorism policies. Washington feels embittered by Pakistan’s decisions and seeming incapability of changing course."

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Why Pakistan Went Nuclear By Malik Muhammad Ashraf

The dawn of 28th May, 1998 saw Pakistan emerging as a seventh nuclear power of the world when in response to the Indian nuclear explosions on 11th May, 1998, it also exploded five nuclear devices followed by another detonation two days later. "

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‘India is Widening Spectrum of Conflict’

A think-tank specialising in defence and strategic stability affairs on Wednesday said that India was widening the spectrum of conflict and that Pakistan’s response was being constrained by poor governance."

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Kashmir And Normalisation Process By Dr Muhammad Khan

A US scholar, Stephen P. Cohen considers Indo-Pak distrust as the main cause of Kashmir dispute, remaining unresolved after even seven decades. "

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Islamic Republic of Pakistan | Hasan Aftab Saeed

The first thing to know about Pakistan is that it is a God-given country (mumlikat e khudaadaad in Urdu). Some people argue that it is God-run as well."

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