Current Affairs Education september 2016

Education Embezzlement | Editorial

It is an extremely sorry state of affairs that an official audit has discovered embezzlement worth billions of rupees in the federal government’s Basic Education Community Schools (BECS) programme. ”

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The Education Debate By Saad Rasool

All across Pakistan’s national discourse – in lavish drawing rooms, or sensational talk-shows, and even rustic street-corners – people continue to reverberate the sentiment that there exists one single solution to Pakistan’s multi-faceted problems; a sort of key that can open the door of prosperity, and forever banish the darkness of our age. ”

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Education’s Missing Priorities By Rabea Malik

PAKISTAN’s education crisis is often discussed in the news in the following terms: large numbers of out-of-school children, very low learning outcomes, wide achievement gaps and inadequate teacher efforts. ”

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Dilemma of Education in Pakistan By Salman Ali

Education authorities in Pakistan are good at setting ambitious targets but inept at following through. Successive governments have abandoned policies of the previous administration and adopted new and more ambitious targets ”

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Missed Education Targets | Editorial

For the umpteenth time, we are forced to rue the fact that the state of education in Pakistan is appallingly dismal. Periodic survey reports of local and international agencies keep casting lurid light on the decrepit condition of our schools. ”

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Struggling to be Literate By Dr Farid A Malik

Article 25A of the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Right to Education reads, “The state shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years as may be determined by law”. ”

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The Abysmal State of Public Education | Editorial

The decision by Chief Minister of Punjab Shehbaz Sharif to construct 10,000 additional classrooms in the province comes in the background of an abysmal education system that has failed to produce learned citizens. ”

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