Current Affairs Education November 2016

The Language of Education By Zubair Torwali

Since 1947, Pakistan has tried nine different policy guidelines in education. Interestingly, out five of these were crafted during the reigns of various military dictators. The first policy document on education is the recommendations adopted in Pakistan’s first education conference held in Nov-Dec 1947 in Karachi. ”

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Pakistan’s Education Sector | Editorial

In a report released two months ago, the UN said that Pakistan’s education is more than 60 years behind the rest of the world in primary and secondary education targets, respectively. ”

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Value of Education in Pakistan By Samra Khan

Provincial governments have been trying to get every child enrolled in school. Public education systems, across all provinces, have gone through a plethora of reforms in the last couple of decades to achieve higher enrollments.”

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Resistance Through Education By Shahid Siddiqui

The history of imperialism is ridden with treachery, guile and coercion. To control the colonised, all possible methods are used, ranging from persuasion to coercion. India, under the British rule, was no exception. ”

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Higher Education Vision 2025 By Dr Pervez Tahir

Reports in a section of the press inform that a Higher Education Vision 2025 is about to be announced. The main Vision 2025 document launched earlier contained a set of targets and the purpose of the latest exercise seems to be to flesh out the barebones. ”

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