Current Affairs Education May 2016

The Woes of Pakistani Education | Editorial

The image of Pakistan among the international community is usually tainted with a rhetoric that highlights either its religious bigotry or its export of terrorism. The country is branded as a failed state by many. It is this negative image on the international front that many politicians often hanker to vanquish. ”

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Education Woes | Editorial

Yet another report has been published bemoaning the lack of funds for education in Pakistan. The Institute of Social and Policy Sciences (I-SAPS) presented its report regarding the financing of education in Pakistan during 2015-16 on April 28. ”

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Who has 100 years? | Sana Chaudhry

100 years. Yes, this is how long it is likely to take the developing world to bridge the education gap between itself and the developed world, according to a research by The Brookings Institution. What does this mean for Pakistan? .”

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