Current Affairs Education December 2016

Blind Spots of Modern Education By Dr Asad Zaman

The adventure of leaving home, and exposure to unlimited educational opportunities as well as a radically different social environment, made us heady with excitement as freshmen at MIT.

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Education Watch By Kashif Abbasi

While the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has started consultations with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and universities to determine the reason for the poor CSS results this year, some education experts believe the government should keep a check on the quality of education being imparted in schools.

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Education and Politics By Anjum Altaf

The reality is that education has always been subjected to political interventions. That may be one reason why history is no longer taught in our schools. ”

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Devolution of Education | Editorial

Devolution of the subject of education under the 18th constitutional amendment has remained an oft-debated topic as many have questioned the wisdom behind this devolution.”

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Making Education Sector Disaster-Resilient By Saleem Shaikh

Disasters induced by climate change, especially those between 2010 to 2015 indicate that the country’s education sector is critically vulnerable to floods, which have shown an increased frequency as the region continues to witness erratic and cloudburst-induced heavy rains. ”

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