Current Affairs Education August 2016

Original Research in Higher Education By Meeqat sultan

Reputable accreditation bodies of higher education focus on the quality of teaching and research in rating and ranking of universities at the national or international levels. ”

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Education and Development By Raja Adil Bashir

Pakistan has huge challenges in improving the quality and access to education for its citizens. The public education system has failed to provide quality education. The literacy rate in Pakistan (57.7 percent) is one of the lowest in the world (144th country out of 160).”

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Meaningful Education By Naheeda Yasmeen

IF one goes through much of the literature written on the phenomenon of teaching, one would come to the conclusion that teaching adults requires a different approach than kids. ”

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Improving Basic Education System in Pakistan By Ishfaque Ahmed Rustaman

Education is a benchmark for excellence and is crucial for any developing country’s efforts to achieve sustainable development and prosperity. Well-being of a nation comes with education, as illiterate individuals do not turn out to be fruitful for any nation. ”

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Ethics and Morality in Education By Asad Zaman

Adriving spirit of the modern age is the desire to banish all speculation about things beyond the physical and observable realms of our existence. ”

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Education: An Ignored Orphan By Mohammad Jamil

Pakistan faces major challenges of income, gender, health and educational inequalities in extreme forms. Over 25 million school-age children are estimated to be out of school; more than 3.7 million of our labour force is unemployed; and about half of total population is victim of food insecurity. ”

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