Current Affairs Economy November 2016

Making CPEC A Game Changer By Durdana Najam

Pakistan is caught in euphoria over China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Called a game changer, all hopes are pinned on this project to bring change in the economic conditions of Pakistan.

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Pakistan’s Internal Challenges and CPEC By Raja Omer Shabbir

Pakistan’s economy is all set to take off with the successful trial run of the CPEC, but for this flight to blossom in full, we need to unhinge it from the myriad challenges that plague our internal affairs.

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State Bank Report | Editorial

THE latest annual report of the State Bank of Pakistan echoes much of the same view held by the IMF and other independent economists: the economy has stabilised, but a lot of the work needed to mend it remains to be done.

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India Offers Some Relief to Chaos It Created With Currency Ban By Nida Najar

As the chaos surrounding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ban on high-currency bills entered its ninth day, the government moved Thursday to address some of the problems amid signs of growing impatience with the slapdash way the policy seems to have been carried out.

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Development Outlook: Innovation, Value Addition Key to Economic Growth By Peer Muhammad

Speakers at a seminar on Wednesday underscored the need for promoting innovation, value addition, quality improvement and competitiveness for achieving higher economic growth.

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Economic Progress | Editorial

Metrics show that Pakistan is making steady progress towards improving its economic conditions. Economic growth increased by a whole percentage point between fiscal year 2013 and 2016, currently at 4.7 per cent.

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Gawadar Becomes Functional | Editorial

Convoys of trucks laden with hundreds of containers carrying Chinese cargo reached Gawadar covering a distance of over 2,500 KM from Pak-China border post at Sost.

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WB and Pak Economic Achievements | Editorial

THE World Bank has acknowledged that Pakistan’s growth caught up with its neighbours in the fiscal year 2016, with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at 4.7% – the highest rate in eight years — and is expected to reach 5% in 2017 and 5.4% in 2018.

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EU Mission Hints at Five-year Strategic Partnership With Pakistan By Peer Muhammad

The European Union (EU) on Friday hinted at entering into a five-year strategic partnership with Pakistan after stating that the current relationship between the two countries had matured and remained stable

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E-Commerce — A Neglected Opportunity By Mubarak Zeb Khan

The Electronic Transaction Ordinance 2002 and prevention of Electronic Crime Bill 2016 provides the basis for legislative infrastructure for of e-commerce operations.

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