Current Affairs Economy May 2016

‘Pakistan is World’s Seventh Most Restrictive and Protected Economy’ | Abdul Qadir Memon | Hira Fareed

The growth outlook for current financial year is at 4.5% as compared to 4.2% in the preceding period. The current account is in a healthy position where in the preceding few months it has shown a surplus compared to deficit. Also, workers’ remittances have shown vigorous trends.

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Economic Opportunities for Pakistan | Farhat Ali

Pakistan has significantly benefited from soft oil prices, which account for almost a third of its imports. But the country could not benefit much from this unprecedented windfall and did not manage to achieve the economic growth, as the opportunity offered.

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Pakistan in Global Trade | Roberto Azvêdo

THE latest forecasts for global trade issued by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) show a situation which might be described as bland — the sluggish growth in the volume of world trade registered over the past two years is likely to continue through 2016.

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Chinese Economic Outlook: Propaganda or Reality? | Khurram Minhas

World’s leading newspapers as well as some scholars are trying to build the argument that Chinese economy has been slowed down in recent years, and due to this slow economic growth various types of regional and international strategic policies would be reshaped.

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Is Pak on way to say good-bye to IMF? | Editorial

GLAD tidings continue to pour in about Pakistan’s economy, with International Monetary Fund (IMF) recognizing the economic strides and consolidation made by it over the last few years now. It manifests that the country does not need another loan programme.

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