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Economy in Campaign Year | Editorial

Dar sb has a point, as always, when he says the economy was “stable” in ’16. If by that he means it more or less stood not far from where it stood the year before, neither deteriorated any nor for that matter improved much, then he is indeed spot on.

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The Risks That Threaten Global Growth By Martin Wolf

What is going to happen to the world economy this year? Much the most plausible answer is that it is going to grow. As I argued in a column published at this time last year, the most astonishing fact about the world economy is that it has grown in every year since the early 1950s.

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Economy in 2017: Way Forward By Dr Kamal Monnoo

We can debate about the state of Pakistan’s economy, glass half full or half empty, but without being too critical the following would be my seven recommendations to the economic managers for 2017.<

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