Current Affairs Economy December 2016

CPEC: New Dimensions | Editorial

Under the banner of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), some more infrastructure and energy projects have been included for which China would provide the required funding.

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NFC: One Step Back | Editorial

HAVING failed to mobilise new revenue lines or broaden the base of taxation, the federal government is now reduced to knocking on doors it has no business to be knocking on.

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CPEC: Upgrading Pakistan’s Trade | Editorial

On the economic front, the big news this year is the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which consists of a series of rail and road network projects that by all accounts could have a long-term positive impact on Pakistan’s economy.

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Indus Water Treaty: Pakistan Urges World Bank To Fulfill Its Commitment

In November, the World Bank urged India and Pakistan to agree to mediation in order to settle on a mechanism for how the IWT should be used to resolve issues regarding the construction of the two dams along the Indus river system.

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Gwadar, The CPEC and Hambatota By Malik Muhammad Ashraf

Notwithstanding the fact that the CPEC is a nationally owned mega-economic undertaking with the potential to change the economic profile of the whole region, more so that of Pakistan, a sustained campaign to belittle its importance continues unabated.

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Is Pakistan Heading Towards A Serious Debt Problem? By Ijaz Nabi

For several months, Pakistani economists have been warning that the country is heading towards a serious debt problem that will destabilise the economy.

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New Global Economic Order in the Offing? By M Ziauddin

Most of us seem to have forgotten the popular street movements against globalization that had sent visible tremors across the rich world, especially in Europe and the US during the second half of the 1990s.

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CPEC and Russia’s Quest for Warm Water Ports By Naveed Ahmad

Russian foreign ministry denied any negotiations with Pakistan on joining the China-sponsored corridor to the Arabian Sea via the Gwadar port. The federal minister’s visit 10 days later offered a blunt rejoinder.

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Moving Towards a Knowledge Economy By Ahsan Iqbal

The world has entered into a ‘knowledge age’ and skill and innovative ideas are highly critical for optimal economic growth. At the higher level of abstraction, this was always the case.

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What's Next For Global Trade: The Road Ahead By Chong Zi Liang

Governments will have to implement programmes to win back confidence in free trade. The softer, consensus-driven approach of groups like the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) will become more important.

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Post-IMF or Pre-IMF? By Sakib Sherani

HOW is the economy shaping up in the wake of a recently concluded three-year IMF stabilisation programme that has been dubbed an outstanding success by the government? To answer this question, we need to critically examine a number of areas that the government and the IMF sought to address via the over $6 billion lending arrangement of September 2013.

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Taxation system | Editorial

The recent report by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific carries an important message for the government: the present level of personal income tax (PTI) compliance needs to be improved in order to realise effective transparency and accountability.

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CPEC Challenge and Opportunity By Talat Masood

The CPEC is a multidisciplinary project where systems integration plays a key role. The CPEC provides Pakistan a unique opportunity to master and upgrade new technologies and improve managerial practices that could find wider application in the country.

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State of the Economy | Editorial

Against the grain of the praise international financial institutions have been lavishing on the Pakistani economy, the State Bank of Pakistan’s State of the Economy Report 2015-16 released earlier this month painted a much more dismal picture.

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